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Health Advisory on COVID-19

The health and safety of our staff and students at UTP is our utmost priority.  We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and communicating with relevant authorities to obtain and share the latest information on COVID-19 to students.


In the meantime, UTP has taken below actions for further precautionary measures to safeguard our staff and students against COVID-19.


1.    UTP COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan has been activated.

2.    Focal persons have been assigned to monitor the current situation on daily basis.


3.    HSE advisories on COVID-19 have been communicated via intranet and emails.


4.    Additional HSE requirements for organising events have been imposed. All events shall be deferred if it is not critical. Event organiser shall fill in the risk assessment form prior to conducting any events. In addition, the event organiser shall distribute the Health Declaration Form for participants to fill in.

5.    Hygiene and cleanliness activities in the campus i.e. disinfection and temperature monitoring have been increased.


6.    Engagement with stakeholders have been conducted to communicate on matters related to COVID-19 and personal hygiene.


7.    UTP front-liner staff has been provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).


​Guideline on Attending or Organising Event

Amidst the rising trend of COVID-19 cases globally, all staff and students are to avoid attending and defer organising any form of non-business critical events.


For any critical business events, risk assessment and mitigation measures shall be conducted. The risk assessment shall be endorsed by the Head of the Organising Department. Please refer the attached COVID-19 Decision Making Flow Chart on Organising Events.


If the event organiser decided to proceed with organising the event, it is the event organiser's responsibility to distribute the health declaration form to the participants, conduct risk assessment, perform temperature screening during the event, and prepare all the PPE required, such as masks and hand sanitiser.


Prevention Method


The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus.  However, please be reminded of the following precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of the virus:


  1. Anyone who has travelled from China (includes Mainland China, Macau, Hog Kong), Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran or other countries affected with COVID-19 is required to do health screening at UTP in-house clinic. Our clinic is open 24 hours, Monday through Sunday and can be contacted at 05-365 0186.


  1. Anyone experiencing a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g. cough, difficulty breathing) should also seek immediate medical attention at our in-house clinic.


  1. Avoid close contact with anyone who has symptoms of fever and cough.


  1. Maintain good personal hygiene as well as cough and sneezing etiquette.


  1. Wash or sanitise your hands frequently.


  1. In areas experiencing cases of COVID-19, bring/wear face mask (3-ply surgical mask or N95), avoid wet market, public places, large gatherings and direct unprotected contact with animals (live or dead).


  1. Avoid consumption of raw or undercooked meat.


​For any emergency, please contact UTP emergency 05 368 8999.


UTP will continuously update students on the latest developments and information on COVID-19.

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