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The Ambassador of Centre for Foundation Studies (ACeFoS) is an official student club for The UTP foundation students founded in 2016. The main objective for the establishment of this club is to provide a platform for aspiring young leaders to apply and enhance their leadership and communication skills.   In realising it, ACeFoS has organised a lot of co-curricular events such as the Foundation Inter-Programme Face off (FIFO) programme which its main objective is to focus on uplifting the spirit of competitiveness among students. ACeFoS members also volunteered in the Silver Camp programme in which the members worked together with the CFS lecturers in assisting their friends to get back on track with their studies. When organising events in and outside UTP, ACeFoS works closely with the CFS management in materialising the absolute objectives of every event.



To be a platform for foundation students to sharpen their minds and skills as well as display their talents in various fields



  • To be a platform for Foundation students to acquire the leadership and communication skills

  • To look into the welfare of Foundation students

  • To promote and project good image of Centre for Foundation Studies(CFS)

  • To carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects for CFS

  • To unite all Foundation students from all batches

  • To serve as an intermediate between Foundation students and the management


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