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Advisory Council​​​​

Members of the various UTP Advisory Council Board play an important role in the strategy and operations of the school. They provide counsel to the deans on strategic, operational, and financial directions for the school.


Academic Advisory Council Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council was incepted as a forum for the exchange of ideas between the University and various sectors of society as well as eminent international scholars. The council is responsible to guide and provide strategic direction for the development of UTP.



Industry Advisory PanelIndustry Advisory Panel

The industry Advisory Panel is a valuable resource to empower UTP with essential industry perspectives. Since its inaugural meeting on 7 May 2007, the panel has been ensuring that the standard of education remains relevant to industrial practices, and provides a gateway to forge a strong alliances with industry players.



​International External ExaminersDirectories_DSC4971.jpg

International External Examiners play a critical role in UTP's education process, ensuring its academic programmes are of the highest quality and on par with international standards. Since 1999, an annual International External Examiners conference is held to deliberate on examination, curriculum development, staff development and facilities, future trends of engineering education and matters pertaining to research and development.



Research Advisory Council Research Advisory Council

This continuous pursuit of excellence birthed the Research Advisory Council (RAC) in 2010, which meets annually to deliberate issues and matters in the areas of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation.



Student Development Council​ Student Development Advisory Council​

Since 10 September 2012, the Student Development Advisory Council (SDAC) has been formulating initiatives to help ensure that a UTP graduate is well-rounded and is empowered with the right skills to succeed. Its primary role is to enhance the marketability and employability of graduates in a challenging, ever-evolving environment via purpose-specific programs that are designed in-line with current industry demands.


Research Advisory Council UTP Accreditation Council

The Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Accreditation Council (UTPAC) is an independent Council established by the university to assess and accredit non-professional undergraduate programmes and all postgraduate programmes that are offered by UTP.