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UTP Excels at ITEX 2019 (2-4 May 2019)
at 02 May 2019

 UTP has earned another international triumph when it clinched six gold and three silver medals at the 30th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2019 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre recently._DSC3947-1.jpg  

      The university also won a special award from the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) and silver for Best Booth Design Category.

This is a significant achievement as it does not only contribute toward UTP's resume of award-winning inventions and innovations but taking it closer to its goal of becoming an internationally-recognised research university.

ITEX2019 is a competition exhibition where researchers display and present their new inventions.  It opens up opportunities for the commercialisation of the university's unique products and ideas to potential investors.  


"New Pervious Concrete Curb (Curbvious) in Reducing Urban Street Flooding" a research led by Associate Professor Dr Zahiraniza Mustaffa won gold and the Best Design Award from JIPA.


_DSC3959-1.jpg _DSC3961-1.jpg _DSC3984-1.jpg _DSC3987-1.jpg _DSC3993-1.jpg

Other inventions which won gold were "SMART-EGPC: A State of the Art & Green Engineered Composite of Polymeric Materials" a research led by Professor Dr Nasir Shafiq, "Chained-Function Waveguide Filter for 5G and Beyond" a research led by Associate Professor Dr Wong Peng Wen, "Brain-NaviTM" a research led by Associate Professor Dr Tang Tong Boon, "Optical Fibre Inclinometer Casing for Highway Embankment and Slope Monitoring (Smart Geo-Pipe)" a research led by Associate Professor Ir Dr Hisham Mohamad and "PREDITACK:IOT-Enabled Device for Scanning, Forecasting and Immobilising Golden Apple Snails in Paddy Fields" a research led by Dr Mazeyanti Mohd Ariffin.



The three silver medals were awarded for "Wireless Solar Hydrogen System" a research led by Professor Dr Norani Muti Mohamed, "Innovation on Rainwater Harvesting System: Subsequent Flushing with Vortex Diverter and Pasteurisation (SVP)" a research led by Dr Lavania Baloo and "Prediction of Petrophysical Properties for Reservoir Modelling" a research led by Dr Maman Hermana.

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