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​UTP Inks MoU with Sohar University Oman
On 06 February 2024

UTP Inks MoU with Sohar University Oman.jpg
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sohar University Oman aimed at fostering academic excellence, research innovation, and cultural exchange between the two institutions. 

 UTP Inks MoU with Sohar University Oman 2.jpg

The MoU was signed by UTP Vice Chancellor Professor Dato’ Ts Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib and Sohar University Vice Chancellor Dr Hamdan Sulaiman Al Fazari.  

 UTP Inks MoU with Sohar University Oman 1.jpg

The collaboration between UTP and Sohar University dates back to 2018 when initial discussions commenced. In 2019, Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha and his team from UTP's Management and Humanities Department visited Sohar University, marking the beginning of discussions with Professor Richard Common, the former dean of Sohar University's Faculty of Business. Agreements were reached to initiate research and academic partnerships. 

In March last year, Professor Nasir Shafiq's visit to Sohar University took the partnership to the next level, involving Director of UTP’s Institute of Self-Sustainable Building Professor Ts Dr Shahrina Md Nordin and the Dean of Sohar University's Faculty of Business.  

 UTP Inks MoU with Sohar University Oman 4.jpg

The decision to begin the collaboration with matching research funding laid the foundation for the official commencement of the relationship through the signing of the MoU. 

Both institutions are currently working on proposals covering various domains, including a social impact study for energy transition, agricultural and fisheries fields, a geopolymer composite study, and a wastewater study.  

The collaborative research effort aims to conduct comprehensive studies, share findings through academic publications and conferences, enhance research capabilities, and promote cultural exchange. Joint efforts will contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable solutions, with hopes of securing international grants from organisations such as Grand Challenges Canada, Erasmus, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.  

Looking forward, the MoU serves as a springboard for future collaborations, with UTP aspiring to expand its networking with Middle East countries, particularly in Oman.  

As part of this collaboration, UTP has invited Sohar University to become the international conference organiser for UTP’s biennial congress, the World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress (ESTCON2024), scheduled to take place in Sabah in September 2024.​

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