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UTP Students Intern at French Prestigious Institutions Under Erasmus+ Programme
On 26 July 2022
Maisarah and her friends at Grenoble.jpg
Maisarah and her friends at Grenoble
Beh (second from left) and friends at Florence, Italy.jpg
Beh (second from left) and friends at Florence, Italy

Nur Maisarah Faeruz, a Chemical Engineering undergraduate, and Beh Pek Hung, a Petroleum Engineering undergraduate, were in France for six months to undergo their industrial internship programme under the Erasmus+ programme.
Maisarah and her supervisor AP Dr Suriati Sufian in front of UniLaSalle Rennes.jpg
Maisarah and her supervisor AP Dr Suriati Sufian in front of UniLaSalle Rennes

Maisarah did her internship at UniLaSalle Rennes while Beh interned at UniLaSalle Beauvais. 

Erasmus+ is a European Union programme to support education, training, youth and sports.  It provides opportunity for students to spend a semester abroad at a prestigious European university under the tutelage of world-renowned researchers and academicians, and all the while establishing new networks with likeminded students from the world over and soaking up the experience of living abroad. 

Throughout the six months of their internship, Maisarah and Beh had gained valuable insights and knowledge which helped them to understand more of their abilities.

For the first three months Maisarah studied environmental engineering while Beh studied geology courses.  All courses were taught in English. In the last three months, both worked on their Industrial Project
Maisarah in Iceland.jpg
Maisarah in Iceland

Some of the highlights while Maisarah and Beh in France were studying and networking with many other students from all over the world and travelling across Europe. They had the opportunity to visit some of the cities in France such as Grenoble and countries nearby like Iceland and Italy. 

“One memory that really sticks out for me is my first travel to Grenoble from Rennes where I had to travel for about 11 hours by bus.  But it was worth every hour as Grenoble is a very beautiful city and I will never forget the experience,” Maisarah said.
Beh at Venice, Italy.jpg
Beh at Venice, Italy

As for Beh, “The most memorable travel experience for me was a chance to travel to Italy with friends. Of all the cities in Italy, Venice is the best city to visit for its endless breath-taking views, canals, gondolas, and buildings.  Furthermore, the architecture in Venice is very different from Rome or Florence.”
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