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UTP Collaborates with Deakin University, Australia, on a Special Track
On 11 May 2022
​Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and Deakin University, Australia, have signed an MoA to collaborate on a special track for four programmes: Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology.

Through this collaboration, UTP and Deakin University will work together to ensure students complete the special track – the first two years of Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours, Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering with Honours, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours and Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours at UTP and the remaining two years at Deakin University, Australia. 


Besides that, this special track also allows students to complete the first three years of Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours at UTP and subsequently the remaining one year at Deakin University. 

Upon completion of their studies, students will be conferred with Honours degree from Deakin University, Australia.  

"This special arrangement will benefit the students involved by allowing them to experience two different distinguished academic environments and obtain an Australian degree at a much lower cost. This is in line with the future of education as we move towards agility, flexibility and multidisciplinary based," said UTP's Vice Chancellor, Professor Ts. Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib.

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