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UTP Wins Prestigious Customer Experience Award
On 25 March 2021
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), one of the leading universities in the region, has earned the coveted CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020 for the university’s commitment in providing continuous excellent customer service to its stakeholders.
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The CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020 , the first and only regional awards for excellence in customer experience, is judged by the organisation’s own customers.
UTP Vice ChancellorProfessor Ts. Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib said the accolade is an affirmation that the university’s efforts in improving its customers’ experience are being recognised by its stakeholders.
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“We must always understand our customers' pain points. Only then we can come up with the best and workable solutions for our customers, be it the one who receives the services or the one who delivers the services.
“We will continue to strive for excellence and raise the bar in providing exceptional and wholesome customer experience and service to our customers, especially to our students,’ he said.
UTP’s enthusiasm in continuous customer engagement, in particular the delivery of excellent customer service is expressed through the creation of a one-stop centre. This centre, which sits on a digital platform, is known as the Unified Customer Service (UCS), which emphasises the university’s unified approach in delivering customer services to all the stakeholders.
The UCS is the next leap forward in UTP’s delivery of improved and effective customer service to stakeholders using a single platform instead of various communication channels such as e-mails, phone calls or digital forms. With UCS, everything is at the fingertips of the university’s stakeholders, thus creating effective communication and interaction between UTP and its stakeholders.
Leveraging on the advancement in information and communication technology to support the university’s core pillars has become critical especially for the purposes of improving academic delivery, improving research capabilities, enriching student campus experience and enhancing operational excellence.
To address these purposes, the university has embarked on a two-phase UTP Digital Transformation Programme or GENESYS. The first phase aims to strengthen the core foundation which consist of initiatives in improving campus IT infrastructure, upgrading the student information system and library system and enhancing the Enterprise Content Management System.
As for the second phase of GENESYS, it aims to establish an environment for the growth and sustainability of the university with eleven initiatives. Through these initiatives, students and staff will get connected to the secured online information and services through the UTPNexus portal which creates a seamless user experience.
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