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UTP's Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque Honoured as Asia’s Most Promising Scientist

23 November 2023


Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque, from the Geoscience Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) has been awarded the Most Promising Scientist Award in the Asia's Research & Scientist & Professor & Teaching Academic Awards category by Asia Awards.

Asia Awards, a highly esteemed institution, acknowledges and commemorates exceptional accomplishments and contributions across diverse disciplines within the Asian region.

The award aims to recognise individuals who exhibit remarkable abilities, commitment, and originality in their specific fields, resulting in significant beneficial effects on their communities and beyond.

Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque’s nomination and subsequent selection for this prestigious award can be attributed to his notable achievements in geosciences, specifically in reservoir characterisation, 3D subsurface geomodelling, and geoscience project management.

With over 15 years of industry and research experience, he has held significant positions in renowned oil and gas firms, demonstrating proficiency as a development geoscientist, well logging analyst, wellsite geologist, and project manager.

The "Most Promising Scientist of Asia" Award signifies the recognition of Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque's commitment, enthusiasm, and steadfast dedication to achieving high standards in the field of geosciences.

This acknowledgment not only commemorates his previous accomplishments but also foresees the potentially impactful contributions he is expected to make in the future, enhancing and advancing crucial domains within UTP Faculty of Science and Information Technology.

Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque’s scholarly trajectory, encompassing his present position as a Senior Lecturer (specialising in Reservoir Geomodelling) within UTP's Geoscience Department, has been characterised by a commitment to quality.

His dedication to the progression of the discipline is evident through his involvement in cooperative research endeavours on an international scale, as well as his advisory positions. The Asia Awards committee has taken notice of his contributions, bestowing upon him both attention and acknowledgment.

According to Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque, “I am deeply honoured to receive this award. I extend my gratitude to Asia Awards for acknowledging the importance of geosciences in advancing societies. It's a shared achievement, and I am proud to represent UTP on this platform. This recognition is a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of the entire UTP Geoscience Department.

"Throughout my career in the oil and gas industry, I have witnessed the transformative power of geosciences. This award motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and fostering innovation in the field,” he added​