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Double celebrations fill graduates with abundant joy and tears

Equipped with a sense of direction, UTP’s 19th convocation graduates mark new episodes in their lives


For five UTP graduates who celebrated their birthdays yesterday on their graduation day, the warm glow of camaraderie as all stood in a line waiting for their names to be called up will always be fondly remembered.


IMG_20191117_100941_188-min.jpgHowever, for Amirah Aifa Sanusi, 23, a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, the loud cheer that resonated across the chancellor hall hid a devastating sense of loss that rumbled deep in her heart.


She says, "My father sent me to UTP because he wanted me to help his business after I graduate." However, in her foundation year, Amirah lost her father who passed away of liver cancer.


Amirah who is the third child out of seven, says, "At the time, I was really heartbroken. My mother who was previously a housewife, had to go back to work to take care of my late father's business to provide for us."


The path to graduation was really difficult, both emotionally and financially recalls Amirah. Thankfully, Tabung Amanah Zakat UTP (TAZU) was always there to help with her studying expenses as she received monthly assistance from the body. She says, "This is the most memorable birthday for me." To Amirah, the double celebrations mean more than just another birthday. With tears running down her cheeks, she cries, "This one is for my father."


Meanwhile, for Dhanis Paramaguru, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering graduate, family has always been the bedrock of his life. Dhanis, who hails from Kuala Ketil, Kedah, shares, "After months of looking for a new job nearby by hometown, I finally landed a job with Intel as a facility engineer in Penang. My parents are really happy because now I'm closer to them." he adds.


When asked about his new job, Dhanis says, "I have grown a lot in my years at UTP. Most noticeably, my communication and public relations skills have improved by leaps and bounds. Now, I have grown to become more independent and articulate. As a result, this has given me the confidence to assert my ideas. I think this was what got me the job with Intel."


Furthermore, Nadhirah Mohd Rosdi, 26, an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience graduate who is now a research officer, only has happy vibes to share at the convocation. She says, "I'm so happy today. My best friends found out that it was also going to be my birthday on the same day, and all four of them came down all the way from Kuala Lumpur to attend my graduation."


"When I first anticipated that my birthday could fall on the same day as my convocation, I was working really hard to finish my research. This served as a motivation for me and I just couldn't be happier that I made it."


794A4632-min.JPGIn addition, Kasturi Letchumanan, 24, a Bachelor of Civil Engineering graduate who recently obtained her professional civil engineering LEED AP certifications says, "Receiving double wishes was such a huge morale boost for me. I just couldn't wait to leave the chancellor hall to see my friends and family,"


Last but not least, Qistina Mohamed, 23, a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering graduate says, "I like two-in-one stuff. This is like the best gift ever as it is something I've been anticipating over the last two years."



Beaming with pride, Qistina shares that the university's vision and mission are heads and shoulders above the others. "It's comprehensive and all rounded. Here, we do not only learn theories, but we also get to experience modern labs and equipment. Apart from this, the university is currently promoting active learning. It's a departure from the traditional style of learning. To put it simply, here, we are encouraged to ask questions and our lecturers will lead us on to the right answers," she says.