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 UTP Victorious in Prestigious Debate Competition (3-6 February 2017)

UTP Malay Junior Debate team put up a brilliant performance to defeat International Islamic University Malaysia and emerged as champion in the 20thIntervarsity ASTAR Open Debate competition. 


This was the second time UTP won the competition, the first was back in 2005.


Organised by Universiti Malaya, the competition is one of the oldest and the most prestigious national Malay debate competitions.  It followed the Asian Parliament style and was held from 3 - 6 February 2017.


The competition featured 44 teams from various private and public higher institutions.  Out of the 44 teams, 21 teams competed in the Main Category while the remaining 23 were in the Junior Category.  UTP sent a team for each category.


UTP Malay Junior Debate team was represented by Muhammad Rahmat Syafiq Zainal Abidin (Chemical Engineering programme), Ariff Hakimi Chik (Business Information System programme), Mohamad Mustqakim Mohd Razali (Mechanical Engineering programme) and Andi Mohd Syaiful Andi Radi (Petroleum Engineering programme). They walked away with trophies and cash prizes of RM3,000.




UTP debating team, in their position as the government, successfully defended the motion that US President Donald Trump is a sign of world catastrophe.


Speaking on behalf of his team, Muhammad Rahmat Syafiq said that he is extremely proud of the team's achievement.  Even though they competed in the junior category, they were able to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with.


"Our success has always been underpinned by our dedicated team of advisors and the strong support and encouragement from UTP management.  We will make it our mission to contribute much more to our debate team so that we will accomplish more in the future," he said.


Apart from winning the overall champion in the Junior Debate category, Anis Syazwani Bashari (Business Information System programme) also made the university proud when she was selected as one of the Top 10 Best Speakers in the Main Debate category.


UTP Malay Debate team was established in 2005 with Abdul Mutalib Embong, Muhammad Luqman Hasan and Aminur Rashid M Shariai as the advisors.​