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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Malaysian Government

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Postponement of International Students Registration for October 2020 intake for All Higher Education Institutions - Malay Version​ Lat​est!
Updated by Immigration Department of Malaysia as of 4 October 2020
​​Postponement of Physical & Face-to-Face Registration​ for All Higher Education Institutions - Malay Version​
Updated by MOHE as of 2 October 2020
​Letter of Permission by MOHE for parents to pick up IPT students from campus - Ma​lay Version Updated by MOHE as of 6 May 2020​
​Frequently Asked Questions about Students' Movement to their Hometowns during the MCO by MoHE - Malay Version Updated by MoHE as of 26 April 2020
Screening of Malaysian Students who have returned to Malaysia by MoHE - Malay Version​ Updated by MOHE as of 1 April 2020​​
Frequently Asked Questions about Movement Control Order (MCO) by Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) - Malay ​Version Updated by National Security Council as of 23 March 2020

 ​Last updated: 8 October 2020​


FAQ will be updated daily and will supersede the previous ones.

Academic Operations for January 2021 Semester

​Updated as of 21 December 2020​

1. Am I allowed to return to campus for the January 2021 semester?

For January 2021 Semester, we have given PRIORITY to the following students to return to campus:

i. Students taking FYP II in January 2021 Semester

ii. Students with incomplete status for the following subject that is offered in September 2020 semester, and who will be completing the lab component in January 2021 semester.

a. CEB1013 Organic Chemistry

b. CDB1023 / CEB1023 Physical Chemistry

c. ZAB1032 Physics Practical I (Mechanics)

d. ZAB1072 Physics Practical II (E&M)

e. ZAB2012 Physics Practical III (Optics)

f. PEB1061 Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Lab

Students will be called on a staggered basis according to their batches.

The detailed procedures and logistics on the returning arrangement will be communicated via COVID Response Team’s (CRT) email.

2. I am currently on campus and just completed FYP I. I will be doing FYP II in January 2021. Can I go back to my hometown and return later in January for January 2021 semester?

If you are doing experimental works, preferably you should stay on campus during the semester break if you want to avoid the possibility of not being able to return to UTP especially if your hometown is in the Red or Yellow Zone.

Should you wish to return to your hometown, you will need to adhere to the procedure to enter UTP, including undergoing swab test, or isolation, based on the CRT’s instructions.

3. Will there be any face-to-face teaching planned for January 2021 semester?

All teaching, learning, supervisions and assessments will be done online as per current practice for January 2021 semester. Students need to make sure their internet connection are good to be able to join the online class sessions from their home.

4. I do not have conducive environment to study at home / I do not have good internet connection at home. Can I return to campus?

You may request through email to CRT team to return to campus.

5. I have just finished my internship, and my hometown is in Sabah / Sarawak / the red zone. I have poor internet connection. Can I return to campus during this semester break?

You may request through email to CRT team to return to campus.

6. I will start my FYP I in January 2021 Semester and my supervisor has given me samples to work with for FYP I. Can I return to campus in January 2021?

Students doing FYP II and those with incomplete status will be given priority to return to campus for January 2021 semester.

Academic Matters for Students

​Updated as of 14 October 2020

Revised Academic Activities for September 2020 Semester

1.    I am currently residing in the red zone area.  Am I allowed to return to campus?


Students from the yellow and red zone areas are not allowed to return to campus until further notice.


2.    The Ministry of Health requires that student who is travelling from high-risk areas must perform the swab test and undergo the 14-day quarantine period.  If the student's swab test result is negative and he/she had completed the quarantine period, will he/she be allowed to return to UTP?


Students are not allowed to return to UTP campus until further notice.


3.    Since students are not allowed to return to UTP until further notice, will lectures and assessments be conducted online until the end of this year?  Will students be allowed to access laboratories for their FYP project?


In view of the current situation regarding the COVID 19 pandemic and recent announcements made by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) on 27 September and 2 October 2020, the University Academic Committee (UAC) in its meeting dated 5 October 2020 had agreed on the following:


1.     Teaching and Learning Activities

                   All lectures and tutorials will continue to be online until further notice.


2.    Laboratory work

          Face-to-face laboratory work will proceed for the following subjects starting from Week 5 for students who are already on campus:


                             i.    Final Year Students

                                   a.    Final Year Project I and II

                                   b.    Capstone Project (including Plant Design Project, Civil Engineering Design, Integrated System Design Project, Field Development Project, Mechanical Systems Design, System Integration Design Project and Technopreneurship Team Project)

                                   c.    Final Year Specialisation Course - with laboratory component embedded in the course


ii. New Foundation Students - laboratory components are embedded in the Structured Programming and Algorithm course



For students who have registered courses with laboratory component embedded into the courses and are not able to complete the component, they will be given an “incomplete status" for the course taken for September 2020 Semester. They are required to return early in January 2021 Semester to complete the laboratory component.


For subjects not mentioned above, please refer to your lecturer or department chair for the laboratory arrangement.


3.    Assessments

a.    All continuous assessments are to be conducted via ULearn.

b.   All assessments involving presentations will be conducted online. Student will need to pre-record his/her presentation and submit it to the coordinator prior to the assessment.

c.   All final assessments will be conducted via Extended Assignment (EA).


Should you have any queries on the revised academic activities, please log in via UCS at and select Centre for Academic Excellence (CAdEx).


Online Learning, Online Test and Extended Assignment (EA)

1. I do not have good internet access at home. Therefore, I want to return to UTP for the completion of January 2020 Semester. Am I allowed to do this?

Students are only allowed to return to UTP once the RMCO period is over. This is due to the restriction on the movement/travel imposed by the Malaysian authorities.

If students faced any problem with their internet connectivity at their current location, they should inform their respective lecturers on this matter. Students are also advised to check and subscribe to the best internet service provider at their current location, taking advantage of the current initiatives by the Malaysian Government on online learning for all students of higher learning institutions.

2. I do not have a laptop/desktop at home. So, I may have problem in completing the January 2020 semester i.e. joining the teaching and learning, as well as completing all assessments. What should I do?

UTP recommends that all teaching and learning activities, including assessments, to take place through our ULearn platform, which is also accessible through smartphones and tablet / iPad. For the best performance, students are required to have internet access to a minimum bandwidth of 512Kbps. However, the speed depends on the file content size and activities. If you encounter problems in accessing ULearn to participate in the learning activities and assessments, please contact your course lecturers for advice.

3. How can I access ULearn?

You may access ULearn at You can download the Student Guidelines and Manual on how to start using ULearn from the ULearn website.

4. What is the minimum internet bandwidth that I need to access ULearn seamlessly?

For the best performance, students are required to have internet access to a minimum bandwidth of 512Kbps. However, the speed depends on the file content size and activities.

5. I need to submit my assignment through ULearn. What is the maximum file size that I can upload through ULearn?

The maximum size that can be uploaded through ULearn is 50 MB, per submission. The uploaded file should be in pdf format.

6. Where can I get the Guidelines on Online Test and EA for students?

The guidelines are available at ULearn:

7. Will my lecturers be on standby during the whole EA period?

No. Your lecturer will only be on standby during the first two hours after the EA started and the last one hour before EA ends, in case you have problems with downloading or uploading materials to ULearn.

8. Why does the EA contribute to 30% - 40% marks towards the final course grade?

EA is an alternative to the conventional Final Examination (FE) method as the FE approach is not possible to be used because movements/travels are restricted due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Since EA is an open book assessment, the University Academic Committee has agreed that it contributes in the range of 30% - 40% towards the total course components as it evaluates certain important Course Learning Outcomes.

9. Will I receive a notification after submitting my Online Test and EA?

Yes. You will receive a notification once you have successfully submitted your Online Test and EA. Please keep it with you for future record.

10. What should I do if I suddenly lost connection to ULearn during the Online Test?

If your connection is interrupted while doing the online test, stay calm. If you cannot re-login, contact your lecturer immediately. If you cannot re-connect to ULearn, please contact below ITMS personnel for assistance (their contact details can also be found in the Guidelines on Online Test for Students). They will also be available throughout the assessment period.










Nurhannan Binti Mohd Yusof






Ahmad Rasky Binti Asorudin






M Firdaus Bin M Nasir






Hamidah Binti Nasaruddin






Nurulhuda Binti Ahmad Nurdin






M Sharul Nizam Bin A Rahman



The ULearn email is

11. Can I use any browser to access ULearn for the purpose of Online Test and Extended Assignment?

Please use browser Google Chrome 80.0.3987.149 (or above) and Mozilla Firefox 70.0.1(or above) for accessing ULearn.

UTP 20th Convocation Ceremony

1. Will UTP 20th Convocation Ceremony run as usual on October 2020?

No, the UTP 20th Convocation Ceremony scheduled in October 2020 has been postponed.

As a precaution and due to concerns arising from the current COVID-19 pandemic, this postponement is in line with the government’s directive as proactive measures taken since mass gatherings could potentially pose an infection risk to participants.

We will announce the new date once it is confirmed.

Fees and Waivers for May 2020 Semester

​Updated as of 14 October 2020​

1. Is UTP giving any waivers for tuition fees?

The tuition fees for the May 2020 Semester remain unchanged.

2. Is UTP giving any waivers for the Semester Fees?

UTP Management has deliberated and considered to provide a 50% waiver for the Semester Fees for May 2020 Semester. The 50% waiver is given generally considering that students are not able to physically access UTP’s facilities, whilst Student Activities and Services are still being conducted and made available via online mode.

3. Is UTP giving any waivers for hostel fees?

​For the whole month of May 2020, all students are not charged for hostel fees.  

From June 2020 onwards, full hostel fees will be chargeable for students who are staying on campus.

For all students who have vacated their rooms and are learning online from home, no hostel fees will be charged.

For Peninsular Malaysia students who are learning online from home but have not vacated their rooms and as was previously announced, no hostel fee charges will be levied for June 2020. However, from July onwards, students who still have not vacated their rooms will be charged as follows:


i.          July to August – 50% of the hostel fees

ii.         September onward – 100% of the hostel fees


For Sabah and Sarawak students, due to the distance to travel back to campus to vacate their rooms, no hostel fees will be charged for those who have returned home without vacating their rooms until the end of May 2020 semester.

4. Why have the tuition fees remain unchanged?

Tuition fees have not been reduced as teaching and learning objectives and outcomes are being met. The university has also had to make additional investments specifically to cater for online learning whilst the university’s operating costs have substantially remained the same. Although tuition fees remain unchanged, the university has carefully considered and accorded partial waivers for the January 2020 Hostel Fee waiver and the January/May 2020 Semester Fees respectively as alternative means to assist students.

5. Can students request for a delay in paying the May 2020 Semester fees?

Other universities require full payment of fees upfront during the semester, otherwise students will not be allowed to attend classes and/or take their exams. Strictly speaking, although students are required to pay their fees within 30 days of receipt of invoice, UTP has already exercised flexibility and generous consideration in allowing students to attend classes including exams without making any payment for the semester. Currently, the only requirement is that there must be no outstanding payment due to the university in order to collect exam results and/or register for the next semester.

For continuing students who face financial difficulties, the university is prepared to evaluate and consider genuine appeals for delay in payment on a case to case basis. It has to be made clear, regrettably, that the university is not able to make any exceptions for graduating students who are in the final semester at the university - these students will still not be allowed to obtain their exam results and/or collect their scrolls until full payment has been received.

As such, continuing students who may be facing difficulties in making timely payment of tuition fees for the May 2020 semester are advised and encouraged to approach Finance early and on a timely basis to discuss and make alternative payment arrangements, subject to specific terms and conditions. This will then enable students to avoid any last-minute difficulties when collecting exam results and/or registering for the September 2020 semester.

6. Does the university seriously consider the students’ request?

Please be rest assured that the university has seriously considered and explored ways to mitigate the challenging situation faced by all parties concerned and provide assistance to help alleviate difficulties that may be faced by students.

Security Restriction and Availability of Facilities and Amenities During the Recovery Movement Control Order (R​MCO)

​Updated as of 7 December​ 2020

1) Can I go to Tesco or Billion to buy items?

Yes. You are only allowed for a two-hour daily outing restriction between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.  If you failed to do so, you will be denied entry back into campus until further notice.

2) Is Grab or any food delivery services still operating in UTP?

Yes. Food delivery service in UTP is available until 10:00 pm. The food delivery service pick-up point is at UTP Main Gate.

3) What about Grab Car?

Yes.  Grab Car service in UTP is allowed between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm​.  The pickup and drop off point are at UTP Main Gate.

4) Does UTP provide any transportation services to go to UTP Main Gate?

Yes. Please proceed to the driver's office at PMMD to request for bus service.

5) Which courier services are allowed to enter UTP?

Only POSLAJU will be available during this period. Other courier services are not allowed.

6) Can we jog at Oval Park?

Yes, you can. But it must be done with a social distance of 3 metres and not involving more than 10 people.

7) Are we allowed to eat in the cafe?

It is highly recommended to eat in your room. However, if you wish to eat in the café, please practice social distancing.

8) Which mini marts are open during the RMCO and what are their operation hours?

  • Village 3 Mart - 8.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • Village 5 Mart – 9​.00 am to 10.00 pm

9) What sports facilities are accessible during the RMCO?

All sports facilities are open but with time restriction (allocated time 5 session/day) and control access (maximum of 10 people at each venue).

10) Is KOSISWA still open?

KOSISWA will be closed during the RMCO.  

11) Is laundry service still available in UTP?

Yes. However, please practice social distancing while doing your laundry.

12) How do I report if there are any defects during the RMCO?

Please report any defects through Unified Customer Service (UCS).

13) Who do I need to inform if my roommate/housemate/friend is suspected to have the COVID-19 symptoms?

Please inform UTP COVID Response Team at or 05-368 8999 regarding that matter.

14) Is Klinik Redza operating as usual?

Yes. Kilinik Redza is open 24 hours.

15) When are the supplies at mini marts restocked?

Supplies at mini marts are restocked every Monday and Wednesday.

16) Are fruits available?

Fruits are available at the cafeteria. You may choose to buy ready to eat (bite-size) fruits (e.g. Island One Café at V2), or you may buy whole fruits (e.g. Afifa Beta at V5). However, the availability depends on supply.

17) Will the price of food at cafeterias remain the same?

Yes. The cafeteria operators are committed to provide basic meals at RM5. Any addition (even though small portion) will be charged accordingly. Our student support unit will monitor and report to us, should there be any unreasonable pricing at the cafeteria.

18) How do I request permission to enter UTP if I need to collect my belongings at the hostel urgently?

You will need to request by lodging a report at Unified Customer Service (UCS) – Residential Village:

In your report, please state the followings:

1. Matric card number

2. Contact number

3. District you are travelling from

4. Proposed date and time of entry into UTP

5. Hostel address

6. Vehicle registration number

7. Reason for entering UTP

(Note: Priorities are given to students who will be graduating, undergoing their internships, or collecting teaching and learning materials/equipment)​


19) What is the Shuttle Bus schedule?

UTP Bus Schedule 21.12.2020.png 

1. The timing of the above schedule may vary due to traffic.
2. Body temperature will be taken at the main gate.

Mental Wellness

Updated as of 24 March 2020

1) Why am I feeling anxious?

It’s normal and human to feel anxious right now. COVID-19 presents a risk to human health and the way we live – your brain and your body are responding to that risk like they’re supposed to! It’s what’s sometimes called the “fight-or-flight” response – your body knows you might not be safe and it’s gearing you up to respond.
Unfortunately, that ‘fight-or-flight’ response doesn’t have anywhere to go right now – we’re not yet able to fight the virus and we have to respond to it not by fleeing but by staying at home. That means your brain has geared you up for battle, filling your tank with energy and adrenaline, and you’ve got nowhere to put it. Not being able to control so many things all at once causes distress. It’s natural and understandable.

2) What can I do to feel less anxious right now?

The wellbeing tips will be really helpful. Connect with people who make you feel safe and loved, find things to do that help you feel in control, get some exercise, do some breathing exercises and be kind to yourself.

For students, if you need help with your anxiety, call or text your counsellors and psychologists at UTP:

  • Hj Abdul Jalil Abdullah, Counsellor: 019-9591978
  • Ting Jean Nee, Counsellor: 016-2553435
  • Nurul Fatihah Amir, Counsellor: 016-8317075
  • Azlina Mohd Lazim, Psychologist: 013-9029029
  • Rohaiza Mohd Som, Psychologist: 013-2604956

3) What can I do if I already experience compulsions and obsessive about washing my hands?

If you live with OCD and/or anxiety, you may be feeling a huge sense of risk and responsibility – fearing that if you don’t wash their hands or yours, it could spread the virus or become unwell.

Here are some specific things that might help:

  • Give yourself permission to follow the guidelines set by health professionals such as the Ministry of Health or the World Health Organisation. Remind yourself that these health professionals are qualified to make these recommendations.
  • Set a timer for 20 seconds, wash your hands for 20 seconds and not one second longer. Check in with your family member or friend you trust about how often you should be washing your hands if you’re worried you might overdo it.
  • Give yourself something to do immediately after the timer goes off that will distract you and give you something else to focus on.
  • Find other ways to challenge your OCD and to do distractions.
  • Stick with your therapy if you’re currently in treatment – get in touch with your mental health supports, over the phone or email or other agreed means of communication.
  • Make a list of what you enjoy doing! This might include listening to your favourite music, watching a great series on Netflix, chatting with loved ones on the phone, practising hobbies, doing puzzles.
  • Be kind to yourself – you’ve got the skills and tools you need to manage this and get through. Be compassionate and acknowledge it’s human to feel anxious about this.
  • Let other people know this is hard for you. If you need support to get through and remember not to wash your hands when it’s not necessary, ask someone you trust to help.


4) What can I do to feel less bored right now?

Think of a short-term project, which could benefit you, for example, writing a book, journal, creating a website, blog, starting an online business company or any spiritual activities. Maybe a hobby that you long to do it. You can start doing it, in between your main responsibility as a student or staff.

5) What can I do to feel less lonely right now?

Since loneliness can compound mental and physical health issues, it is encouraged to keep communicating with your loved using FaceTime, phone, and video chats. It may help you to not feel alone and balance that quiet time with responsible social interaction when you’re at home.

6) What can I do to take care of my mental health during covid-19 outbreak?

Managing stress and anxiety is crucial for getting enough sleep and getting enough sleep is crucial for just about every other aspect of your health. Deep breathing and meditation are great tools for managing stress, and they can be done in a small space; check online guided classes. You can also turn to apps for virtual mindfulness training and therapy.

Over-exposure to news, over-exposure to chaos, creates a lot of anxiety. If you can create a quiet space to reflect, to journal, it helps to calm you. to the extent possible, designating specific areas for work and fitness, to mentally separate the parts of your day.

Setting aside a specific area in your home that’s free of technology, except maybe a speaker for music. It is recommended to stocking this area with things that calm you, like your favourite blankets and pillows, a scented candle and house plants. Some studies suggest plants can help purify indoor air and can help boost your mood.

Source: Mental Health Organisation New Zealand & World Health Organisation

Life on Campus
Available Facilities and Amenities in UTP during Recovery Movement Control Order