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Apply for Yayasan UTP SDA Fund​​​​​​​​

UTP has been producing well-rounded graduates who are well received by the industry. Every year, 85% of the graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation. This well rounded attribute is garnered through various sources and activities including leadership training, sports and arts activities; and career placement and entrepreneurship programmes.

Contributing to this fund will also allow you to contribute towards the social activities and community projects organised by the various nationalities on campus for the benefit of the local and world community at large.


​Current student activities and programmes


  • Student mobility programmes (student internship, student exchange, research attachment and special education trip)
  • Career placement programmes such as Technology, Education & Career (TEC) and Corporate Career Exposure (CCE)
  • Technopreneurship programmes
  • Cultural performances including Gamelan, Chinese Orchestra, Indian Classical Group, Traditional Dance Group and Traditional Malay Musical
  • Community services programmes such as Residential College Mesra Outreach (RECMO), Reaching You and Candle Light of Hope
  • Academic and Leadership programmes
  • Sports Programmes