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​​​​​​ Research Management Centre (RMC) Research Management Centre (RMC)
As an educational institution that is heavily invested in research and innovation, RMC serves as an establishment to manage and facilitate activities related to R&D in-line with UTP's vision. The centre is also tasked to source and manage funds to ensure all research activities are sustainable and objective-driven. 


Technology Management Office (TMO) Technology Management Office (TMO)

Once an innovative technology has been created, it needs to be protected and promoted. TMO is responsible to facilitate the creation of intellectual properties, organise exhibitions and awards, as well as promote commercialisation and licensing.



consultancy unit Consultancy Unit

UTP is well-equipped to offer multi-disciplinary consultancy services and products with over 300 active in-house consultants. From sample testing to short courses to lab services and prototyping; the consultancy unit can provide solutions for virtually any sector or industry. 



Mission Oriented Research (MOR) Mission Oriented Research (MOR)

Primarily focused on serving the Oil & Gas industry, MOR conducts specific research programmes to support PETRONAS's core business and the nation's development. There are 9 core research areas across niche disciplines for the benefit of students and the industry as a whole. 



Centre of Excellence (COE) Centre of Excellence (COE)

COE serves as platform to build better relationships with our industry partners. The centre promotes industry collaborations leveraging on UTP's strength in long term strategic research with the aim of enhancing efficiency and improving lives. 



Advanced Technology & Innovation Centre (ATIC) Advanced Technology & Innovation Centre (ATIC)

ATIC is essentially an avenue to showcase UTP's innovative technology to the industry, academic fraternity, research institutions and the world. The centre also supports transfer of knowledge and technologies to establish strategic alliances.