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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enhanced Oil RecoveryOverview & Aspiration
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is defined by EOR experts as any method that increases oil production by using techniques or materials that are not part of normal pressure maintenance or water flooding operations. EOR Mission Oriented Research (MOR) group follows this definition in research carried out by its team members.


The objectives of the establishment of this mission-oriented research are to:

  • Develop EOR methods by 2020 to increase recovery factor to 80% when utilised
  • Recover the left overs
  • Ensure crude oil and natural gas sustainability
  • Mitigate fossil fuel energy source from declining
  • Sustain oil reserves worldwide

Develop EOR methods by 2020 to increase recovery factor to 80% when utilised

Facilities & Lab Equipment

  • Microfocus computerised tomography system
  • Multiphase core flooding system for thermal and chemical EOR applications
  • PVT system
  • Folling film reactor for novel chemicals

Current and Recent Projects

  • Simulation of Injectivity Characteristics During WAG Process
  • Mathematical Modeling of Steam-Alkaline-Gas (SAG) Injection
  • Synthesis and characterisation of a polymeric smart surfactant for enhanced oil recovery purposes
  • Development of a new alkaline smart surfactant acid flooding formulation for enhanced oil recovery
  • Development of a graft polymer for enhanced oil recovery
  • Development of biopolymers for enhanced oil recovery
  • Development of new EOR methods with the application of EM waves and Nano particles
  • Understanding the effects of Asphaltene presence on multi-phase relative permeability characteristics
  • Understanding the effects of different injection schemes and displacement efficiency during WAG injection





​Associate Professor Dr Eswaran Padmanabhan
Director, Enhanced Oil Recovery
University Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
32610 Seri Iskandar, Perak Darul Ridzuan,
Contact info:
General Enquiries (for public)
UCampus (for existing students)