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Chancellor Foyer, Chancellor Complex
08:00 AM
Discover PETRONAS & PETRONAS’ Time Travelling Truck @UTP

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PETRONAS' Time Travelling Truck (Trak Merentas Masa) for the event at UTP tomorrow (4 September 2019). For your information, PETRONAS celebrated it's 45 Anniversary this year with a campaign called  Bersama Merentas Zaman with a hashtag #BersamaMerentasZaman #OurTimeTogether #AnugerahKita. Aiming to celebrate & thanking fellow Malaysians who has been with us throughout the 45 years of PETRONAS' establishment, this campaign consist of three main events for the public viewing. They are:

  • Trak Merentas Zaman on Tour (1Aug – 14Sept; A nationwide roadshow which public can travel through time on a journey with PETRONAS)
  • Bersama Merentas Zaman Concert (17Aug; Celebrating with the public with 45 Malaysian artistes performing all-time music hits)
  • PETRONAS Tree of Tales @ KLCC (16 – 23 Aug; Showcasing nine chapters of Bersama Merentas Zaman through videos)



About Time Travel Truck

Malaysia's First Time Travel Truck. A truck roadshow activation that will bring a time travel experience to 10 states, 22 locations and 1 epic journey to celebrate #OurTimeTogether with Malaysians. This truck will take passengers on a time travel adventure across 45 years. At this roadshow, attendees can enjoy a time travel experience, games, and an immersive video viewing. Attendees can collect limited edition enamel pins here. There will be nine9 exclusive designs released over the course of 45 days in different states.


Activity 1

•Immersive Video viewing inside the truck (can redeem one enamel pin)

•Answer Trivia Questions on PETRONAS Facts (can redeem one enamel pin)


Activity 2

•Interactive Kiosk Game (can redeem one enamel pin)

•Post your Diorama photo on your social media (can redeem one enamel pin)



Cold MESRA Water & MESRABites Buns


Watch also videos from the past locations:


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