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 Yayasan UTP Report on Activities for Fund Disbursement (2016)



1. YUTP UG Scholarship Award 2016

Four deserving recipients of 2016 YUTP UG scholarship awards to pursue foundation and undergraduate studies at UTP were approved by the Board of Trustees on 07th Mar 2016. Currently, total number of active YUTP UG scholars is 36 students including 2016 scholars as per listed below:


​No Name​ Course​ State​
​1 Ezmir Naqqees bin Azlan Shah Petroleum Engineering Selangor
​2 Mohamad Mustqakim Bin Mohd Razali Mechanical Engineering Perak
​3 Muhammad Amirul bin Lazin Electrical & Electronics Eng Selangor
​4 Muhammad Hakim bin Hashim Chemical Engineering Pahang


2. YUTP PG Scholarship Award 2016

The Board of Trustees endorsed 4 scholars to undergo UTP Post Graduate programme of Master and PhD studies by research method. These scholars are bonded with UTP once graduated. Unfortunately, only 2 candidates are eligible for 2016 awards (as below) after thorough screening and selection process in addition to existing 9 scholars of the same award recipients.


​No Name​ Course​ State​
​1 Madiah Omar MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Kelantan
​2 Hafiz Bin Hamzah MSc in Information Technology Melaka


3. YUTP Companies Scholarship 2016

YUTP and companies have come into agreement of setting up Education Fund to offer scholarship to UTP students. The companies provide financial support to the scholars, whom will also be the companies' future employees upon graduation. For 2016, Technip Geo-Production Sdn Bhd has selected another 4 UTP students to be part of the programme as below in addition to existing scholars of 9 Technip scholars.


No Name​ Course​ State​
​1 Muhammad Baihaqie Bin Abdul Hamid   Mechanical Engineering  Kelantan
​2 Prashaath Nair A/L Mathavan Nair  Chemical Engineering  Selangor
​3 Shabila Binti Shoib  Information Technology  Kedah
​4 Manvindeep Kaur Chemical Engineering Selangor



4. Yayasan UTP (YUTP)-Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera (YPPB) Joint Scholarship Programme

YUTP and YPPB have come into agreement of setting up Joint Education Fund to offer scholarship to 20 UTP students each year for 5 years from 2016 until 2020. In 2016, 20 UTP students were awarded with award with YPPB & YUTP contributed 80% & 20% of cost sharing to this education fund respectively.


No Name​ Course​ State​
​1 Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Hasan Foundation In Engineering Kelantan
​2 Amir Ariff Najmuddin Bin Abd Manan Foundation In Technology Pahang
​3 Ealdvieriena Jainin Foundation In Engineering Sabah
​4 Mas Ezzaty Nasuha Binti Md Esa Foundation In Engineering Johor
​5 Mohamad Amin Asyraf Bin Halim Foundation In Engineering Pahang
​6 Muhamad Nur Bin Ahmad Foundation In Engineering Selangor
​7 Muhammad Abdul Hafiq Bin Mohd Noor Foundation In Engineering Kelantan
​8 Muhammad Amirudin Bin Sarifudin Foundation In Engineering Johor
​9 Muhammad Nazri Bin Marman Foundation In Engineering Johor
​10 Muhammad Zufri Bin Abdul Rahman Foundation In Technology Pulau Pinang
​11 Nazarulafizi Bin Sahib Foundation In Engineering Johor
​12 Nur Aqilah Hanim Binti Amiruddin Foundation In Engineering Melaka
​13 Nur Muhammad Imadnudin Afiq Bin Nor Azhar Foundation In Technology Pahang
​14 Nurul Khairah Binti Rosli Foundation In Engineering Kedah
​15 Ratnawati Binti Ragiman Foundation In Engineering Sabah
​16 Shafika Binti Yusup Foundation In Technology Sabah
​17 Sukri Bin Sinring Foundation In Engineering Sabah
​18 Afiq Zarif Bin Zain Azman Foundation In Engineering Pahang
​19 Farah Najihah Binti Azlen Foundation In Engineering Selangor
​20 Putra Nazaratunnaim Bin Zaidi Foundation In Engineering Johor



5. Student Support Fund 2016 (Bursary)


The student support fund award is a once-off financial assistance to eligible students; given in the form of subsistence of one semester tuition fees. Candidate is screened and ranked according to the approved guideline by Yayasan UTP Board of Trustees.


Yayasan UTP has disbursed a total amount of RM 1,507,241 to 223 students under this student support fund award via Bursary or Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS) on semester basis of 2016 as below:


No Activities Amount Raised (RM) No of Student Involved
1 Bursary Jan 2016 190,059 26
2 SFAS- Nov 2015 (March 2015 Foundation) 70,836 13
3 SFAS- Nov  2015 (July 2015 Foundation) 77,920 13
4 Bursary March 2016 (Special Edition) 162,360 30
5 Bursary March 2016 49,604 9
6 SFAS-March 2015 Foundation 287,000 41
7 Bursary May 2016 316,297 41
8 Bursary July 2016 132,892 24
9 Bursary Sept 2016 220,273 26
Total ​ 1,507,241 ​223



Student Development Activities  


UTP has been producing well-rounded graduates who are well received by the industry. Every year, 90% of the graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation. This well rounded attribute is garnered through various sources and activities including leadership training, sports and arts activities; and career placement and entrepreneurship programmes.


Yayasan UTP recognised the need of supporting this activities by establishing Student Development Activities (SDA) Fund as per stated in its trust deeds as follows:




Event Name Event Overview Date Organizer Achievement Picture Amount (RM)
Asean Student Forum (ASF) 2016 ASF 2016 is initiated to boost ties between ASEAN students with the goal of integrating different communities into one diversified entity. 15th-17th  July 2016 Student Representative Council UTP (SRCUTP) UTP was given the honour to organise the1st ASF 2016 due to high credibility of SRCUTP members among other UTP associations and clubs. Image result for asean student forum 15,000
Science and Engineering Design Exhibition (SEDEX) 2016 SEDEX 2016 is the largest academic related exhibition and competition held and organised by a student body in UTP. 3rd-4th August 2016 Science and Engineering Design Exhibition 37th Board of Committees The recipients of SEDEX Award has secured a placement at Graduate Studies Programme 2015 of Singularity University, NASA Research Park, California. 10,000
World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2016 New Delhi, India WRO is an International Robotics Championship for school and college students to inculcate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 25th-27 November 2016 India Stem Foundation and National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture and Government of India UTP team managed to achieve a position of 30th out of 53 participating teams, as a first timer.             18,800
Industrial Visit to PETRONAS Penapisan (Melaka) Chemical Enginnering students is collaborating with American Chemical Engineering Institute (AIChE) to organise the visit. 1st December 2016 UTP-AIChE-SC & Chemical Engineering Department This visit enhanced the existing collaboration and networking between participating universities students and Oil and Gas industries. 4,500
SIEMENS Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training PLC is a very well-known language for control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines or robotic devices. 14th-16th December 2016 Alumni Association of UTP and Alumni UTP The students received Siemens PLC Training Certificate and enhance their employability for different technical sectors. 20,000





Event Name Event Overview Date Organizer Achievement Picture Amount (RM)
Technology, Education & Career TEC is the largest career fair in Perak and the biggest student-organised career fair in Malaysia with PETRONAS as the main sponsor. 25th-26th May 2016 Technology, Education & Career (TECUTP) and Career Advisory Unit of SSSD UTP This event received wide coverage from media such as Bernama and was also featured prominently in Job Sentral website. 22,600
Residential College Outstanding Achievement and Recognition (ROAR2K12) ROAR2K12 is organised to appreciate and recognise the outstanding performances of UTP commnities in both academics and curriculum. 3rd August 2016 Residential College Support Unit (RCSU UTP) This event received wide coverage from social media via #roar2k16 and able to pull a crowd with more than 500 to celebrate the award event. 5,000
Seri Iskandar Debate Open (SIDEO 2016) Since its inception in 2012, SIDEO 2016 is organised to appreciate and recognise outstanding performances of UTP students in debate competition. 23rd-25th September 2016 UTP Debate Club UTP Debate Club has been participating in debate tournaments held locally and in the South East Asia region. 250 participants of 80 teams joined this event. 1,685
Corporate Career Exposure (CCE 2016) Since its inception in 2001, CCE has been known to play a crucial aspect for students and graduates in securing internship and employment with companies both national and international. 19th-20th October 2016 Career Advisory Unit, UTP 3,000 visitors joined this event and students was able to interact with potential employers directly. As a result, they aware of the required skills needed in the current market. 22,500
3rd Nothern Malaysia Mandarin Debate Tournament (NMMDT 2016) Since its inception in 2014, this tournament has produced many talented debaters as proven in 2011 UTHM Mandarin Debate Competition and Top 8th of Asia Pacific Open. 12th-13th November 2016 UTP Debate Club An extensive media coverage was received such as The Star, NSTP, and Bernama. 7,774
Twinning College Programme (TWC 2016) Since its inception in 2012, TWC has conducted similar programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. 18th-20th November 2016 Residential College Support Unit (RCSU UTP) The sharing session has impacted students to be more creative for the improvement of hostel management, collegiate system and other student related issues.             5,243




​Event Name Event Overview Date Organizer Achievement Picture Amount (RM)
Beyond Horizon Motivational Outreach Camp 9 (BHMOC) BHMOC organises event that will further improve the participant's soft skills especially their confidence level through a set of comprehensive modules. 19th-21st May 2016 Peer Helper, UTP This event received wide coverage from medias such as Akhbar Sinar Harian, Melaka Hari Ini, Berita Harian and E-Siswa. 3,000
Coral Propagation & Educational Activity Campaign 2016 This event highlights the eco-tourism activities in Pulau Gelok Coral Santuary as well as promoting the island as Research Centre on sustainable coral studies. 18th-26th June 2016 UTP for Community Special Responsibility (CSR) HDB 1012 This event was participated by 2,000 people from students and public and it was supported by Ministry of Education via funding of RM2,500. 6,900



Arts & Culture



​Event Name Event Overview Date Organizer Achievement Picture Amount (RM)
International Cultural Night
(ICN 2016)
ICN 2016 is an event to strengthen inter and intra-university communication and understanding by inviting other universities to perform.

1st April 2016 Student Representative Council UTP (SRCUTP) & UTP Co-Curriculum Unit,
This event managed to secure not only at national level but worldwide level through the involvement of 12 countries, while getting complimentary performance by Astro guest artist and coverage by Heart of Tronoh BlogSpot. 4,000
Ensemble of Gamelan 2016 This event has served as a platform to showcase the country's diversity
colour and uniqueness through
arts and cultural activities.
15th April 2016 UTP Gamelan Group
(Sanggar Kirana)
This event was able to pull a crowd of 1,500 and has received wide coverage by Bernama. 11,000
Festival of Colours 2016 FESCO2016 is a cultural
dance festival held annually to
uphold the heritage and cultural
values of the national dance arts.
15th-16th April 2016 Co-Curriculum Unit Student Support Services Department (SSSD) and UTP Performing Arts Group (UPAG) This event managed to secure exposure not only in Perak, but ASEAN region through social media exposure with #FESCO2016 and #FESCOUTP. 24,140
Red Sonata Fiesta 2016 This event is to provide an avenue for this unique music lover in developing self-confidence, showcasing their talents, sharing experience and skills. 14th-16th July 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit, UTP Chinese Orchestra (UTPCO) and Kedah Chinese Assembly
Hall (KCHA)
The highlight of this championship was the presentation of The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) certificate of achieving "Largest Participation in a Chinese Art & Music Championship" with 2862 participations from all competitions. 10,000
Euphonius 2016 Euphonius 2016 is inter-varsity musical group competition organised annually at UTP since 2006 as a platform for students from local universities to display their talent. 28th-30th July 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit and
International Culture Club UTP (ICCUTP)
The event received wide coverage from social media with hashtag #Eupho16 and has garnered a sum of 2,401 tweets nationwide. The event also was able to pull a crowd of 1,200. 10,000
Bhangra Down Under
(BDU 2016)
BDU 2016 is one of the most
successful cultural festivals and
Elite Bhangra teams along with
recognised artists participate in
this event.
26th Sept 2016 Australian Punjabi Arts &
Cultural Association Inc.
UTP Bhangra Group, Gajjdi Jawani managed to secure 4th  placing  in the world class competition (total 8 groups competed in this competition). 16,410
UTP Colours of Ranggoli Night (UCRN 2016) UCRN 2016 is to showcase the Indian culture to the campus community & public which will bring about mutual respect and understanding of our multi-cultural nations. 12th Nov 2016 UTP Sangeeth and UTP
Co-Curriculum Unit
The event was suscessfully promote the image of UTP and PETRONAS not only as an educational institution but also as caring organisation that preserve national arts and culture. 6,500
Bhangra Dance Off 2016 This event is supported by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and involved participants from UK, Singapore,
UTP and UTM.
16th Nov 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit
and UTP Bhangra Group Gajjdi Jawani
Champion: Sadi Wakhri Ah Tour, Singapore
1st Runner-Up: Nachda Punjab , India
2nd Runner-Up: Gajjdi Jawadi (UTP), Malaysia





​Event Name Event Overview Date Organizer Achievement Picture Amount (RM)
UTP Sport Carnival 2016 (USC 2016) Since inception in 2000, USC has produced many talented athletes at state and national level. 27th-31st July 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit, Student Representative Council (SRCUTP) and Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) Overall Champion


Netball Open 2016 (Netto 2016) Since inception in 2014, Netto 2016 has become a platform to furnish and develop UTP netball players' skills by exposing them to external competitors. 31st July 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit and UTP Netball Team (UTP Blitz) 1st Runner-Up   3,000
UTP Seri Iskandar Half Marathon 2016 500 runners participated in the run with more than 1,000 crowd. 21st August 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit and UTP Athletic Team (UTPAC) Champion (Kenya)
1st Runner up (Great Britain)
2nd Runner Up (Malaysian)
UTP Open Chess Championship 2016 (UOCC 2016) This tournament will encourage students to use patterns and logical deductive reasoning to solve problems. 24th September 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit and UTP Chess Team Champion (Lim Leow Ying)   10,000
UTP Open Hockey Tournament 2016 (UOHT 2016) UOHT 2016 has impacted the students to be more appreciative and caring towards each other as well as developing teamwork spirit among players. 2nd October 2016 UTP Hockey Club 1st Runner-Up   2,348
DVCSAA Badminton Challenge 2016 This tournament managed to gain popularity among universities in Perak and Penang and it was conducted in accordance to Law of International Badminton Federation (BWF). 28th-30th October 2016 UTP Co-Curriculum Unit and UTP Badminton Team (UTPBT) Champion (Men Double)   11,550
Malaysian Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2016 (MRBCC 2016) Through this tournament, the participants will have the opportunity to see and explore UTP. 12th-13th November 2016 UTP Chess Club, Persatuan Catur Negeri Perak (PCNP) and Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) Champion (Toh Yew Leong)   3,860
Futsal League Between Student's Residential Villages (FLBSRV 2016) FLBSRV 2016 is organised with the objective to promote and instill collegiate atmosphere through a futsal tournament. 3rd-4th December 2016 Residential Village Department, Fellow Council, Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) & Village Committees Champion   23,600



1. Sponsor A Bike 2016

This initiative is part of 16th UTP Convocation Event where Yayasan UTP collaborated with UTP in giving bicycles to primary & secondary schools children within Tronoh vicinity. Yayasan UTP justification in sponsoring the event is as follows:

  1. To instill caring and thoughtful character among UTP community towards the needs of other people.
  2. Promoting harmonious and unity amongst student and society
  3. To support community surrounding UTP via charity event


The selected students received a total of 168 bikes worth of RM50,400 from Yayasan UTP.



2. Student Mobility Programme (SMP)

YUTP has allocated its 2016 budget to support all UTP programs related to SMP as follows :-


  1. Student Industrial Internship (Oversea) Programme (SIIP) is a recognized programme under Student Mobility Programme where students are sent abroad to undergo industrial internship for the duration of seven month.
  2. Student Exchange Programme (SEP) in cooperation with the GE-13 universities is an accredited and recognized programme to study abroad in a chosen host university for one semester with the same amount of tuition fees paid to UTP.
  3. Research Attachment (RA) is a programme where UTP students can complete the research component of their home university degree in other institutions.
  4. Summer Programme (SP) offers students an opportunity of a 10 to 14 days experiential learning programme. Students will be exposed to what host university has to offer and the cultural heritage of the country.


Under the QS Asian Ranking, SETARA and D'SETARA evaluation, UTP is assessed based on minimum 2.5% of current student population for inbound and outbound exchange in overseas where SIIP, SEP and RA programme at Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) are some of the initiatives to achieve the target.


Yayasan UTP contributed a total of financial support of RM 471,068.75 to send 60 students abroad under Student Mobility Programme.





In enhancing the learning experience for its students, UTP provides an opportunity for the industry to establish and sponsor research projects in UTP as part of a long-term programme that involves collaborations between UTP and major oil and gas industry players, among others, to pave the way for enhanced relationships between the industry players and academia.


All Funds for this purposes is contributed by Petroleum Research Fund ("PRF") for the approved research & development projects undertaken by UTP.  The research project must be related to Oil & Gas and impactful to the communities. YUTP has awarded RM7,000,000 worth of YUTP PRF Grant to UTP researchers in 2016.