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 Yayasan UTP Report on Activities for Fund Disbursement (2015)




1. YUTP UG Scholarship Award 2015

Ten deserving recipients of 2015 YUTP UG scholarship awards to pursue foundation and undergraduate studies at UTP were approved by the Board of Trustees on 24th Feb 2015.


No Name Course State
1 Mohamad Aidil Azuar  Bin Mohd Zailani Chemical Engineering Pahang
2 Zainal Abidin Bin Zulkifly Mechanical Engineering Kelantan

Muhamad Nasrul Amri Bin Muhamad Zaidi

Petroleum Engineering Kedah
4 Muhammad Hafifi Bin Hashim Petroleum Geoscience Melaka
5 Muhammad Arif Hakimin Bin Adnan Mechanical Engineering Kelantan
6 Syabil Izzat Bin Mohamad Fiezal Petroleum Engineering Pulau Pinang
7 Chin Lee Jia  Petroleum Geoscience Negeri Sembilan
8 Nurul Afiqah Mohd Maa'som Chemical Engineering Melaka
9 Lim Chee Khong  Mechanical Engineering Perak
10 Lim Ern Yee  Chemical Engineering



2. YUTP PG Scholarship Award 2015

The Board of Trustees endorsed 4 scholars to undergo UTP Post Graduate programme of Master and PhD studies by research method. These scholars are bonded with UTP once graduated.


No Name Course State
1 Lim Lam Ghai MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Kelantan
2 Sheikh Munir Bin Skh Saad MSc in Information Technology Melaka
3 Serene Lock Sow Mun PhD in Chemical Engineering Perak
4 Norzaireen Bt Mohd Azmee PhD in Civil Engineering Selangor


3. YUTP Companies Scholarship 2015

YUTP and companies have come into agreement of setting up Education Fund to offer scholarship to UTP students. The companies provide financial support to the scholars, whom will also be the companies' future employees upon graduation. For 2015, Technip Geo-Production Sdn Bhd has selected another 4 students to be part of the programme.


No Name Course   State
1 Sarah Ho Siew Kheng Chemical Engineering   Perak
2 Nurulsapika Binti Sehamat Chemical Engineering   Sarawak
3 Alphonsus Sam Rantucci Jaifani Electrical & Electronic Engineering   Sabah
4 Kumutha A/P Danasakaran Civil Engineering   Perak



4. Student Support Fund 2015 (Bursary)


The student support fund award is a once-off financial assistance to eligible students; given in the form of subsistence of one semester tuition fees. Candidate is screened and ranked according to the approved guideline by Yayasan UTP Board of Trustees.


Yayasan UTP has disbursed a total amount of RM 1,567,665 to 225 students under this student support fund award via Bursary or Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS) in January, March, May, July, and September semester of 2015 as below:


Student Support Fund 2015 Bursary.png



Student Development Activities


1. Germany & Turkey Student Exchange Programme


Ms. Siti Norfarahhanim Mohd Ghani, Mr. Leong YuHao and Ms. Norshazliana Binti Zainal Abidin were selected to participate in Overseas Students Exchange Programme (SEP) at at Technik Hochschule Mainz University Of Applied Sciences, Germany from 1st March to 31st August 2015 and Bilkent University, Turkey from 26th January to 28th May 2015.


Yayasan UTP had agreed to support the relevant cost of staying in the mentioned countries amounting to RM77,186 based on the following justifications:


i)             To enhance the capabilities of YUTP's scholar by giving world-class extensive learning experience.

ii)            To provide opportunities for YUTP's scholar (from needy background) to be exposed to the international learning cultures.

iii)           To enhance the image of UTP as well as the country through globally recognised SEP programmes.


2. Asian English Olympic

UTP under the premise of UTP Debate Club has participated in The Asian English Olympics 2015 (AEO 2015) in BINUS University Jakarta, Indonesia (BNEC) from 9th to 15th February 2015. Yayasan UTP has supported participants' accommodation and allowances expenses amounting to RM6,600 due to the following reasons:


  1. To provide a platform in developing soft skills and encourage critical thinking and ultimately becoming well rounded students.
  2. To instill an effective communication and leadership skills for future employment proficiency.
  3. The event would also enhance the image of UTP at international level.


3. Sponsor A Bike 2015

This initiative is part of 15th UTP Convocation Event where Yayasan UTP collaborated with UTP in giving bikes to primary & secondary schools children within Tronoh vicinity. Yayasan UTP justification in sponsoring the event is as follows:


  1. To instill caring and thoughtful character among UTP community towards the needs of other people.
  2. Promoting harmonious and unity amongst student and society
  3. To support community surrounding UTP via charity event


The selected students received a total of 194 bikes worth of RM42,680 from Yayasan UTP.


4. Student Mobility Programme (SMP)

YUTP has allocated its 2015 budget to support all UTP programmes related to SMP as follows :-


  1. Student Industrial Internship (Oversea) Programme (SIIP) is a recognised programme under Student Mobility Programme where students are sent abroad to undergo industrial internship for the duration of seven month.
  2. Student Exchange Programme (SEP) in cooperation with the GE-13 universities is an accredited and recognised programme to study abroad in a chosen host university for one semester with the same amount of tuition fees paid to UTP.
  3. Research Attachment (RA) is a programme where UTP students can complete the research component of their home university degree in other institutions.


Under the QS Asian Ranking, SETARA and D'SETARA evaluation, UTP is assessed based on minimum 2.5% of current student population for inbound and outbound exchange in overseas where SIIP, SEP and RA programme at Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) are some of the initiatives to achieve the target.


Yayasan UTP contributed a total of financial support of RM 985,246 to send 44 students abroad under Student Mobility Programme.