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 Yayasan UTP Report on Activities for Fund Disbursement (2013)



1. Scholarship Award 2013 (31st Dec 2013)

Seven deserving recipients of 2014 YUTP scholarship awards to pursue foundation and undergraduate studies at UTP were approved by the Board of Trustees on 31st Dec 2013.


However, 1 candidate Maheshwar A/L Thanagopal had withdrawn from UTP to pursue his studies in Process Engineering, Germany.


No Name Student ID Course State
1 Abdul Azim Bin Akbar Ali 20092 Chemical Eng Kuala Lumpur
2 Muhammad Yassin Bin Mohamed Noor 20125 Chemical Eng Kelantan
3 Maheshwar A/L Thanagopal 20207 Electrical & Electronics Eng Kedah (withdrawn)
4 Muhammad Faizeen Bin Ab Razak 20174 Electrical & Electronics Eng Johor
5 Muhammad Ikmal Bin Omar 20153 Mechanical Eng Selangor
6 Chang Jia Liang 20033 Petroleum Eng Perak
7 Prasad A/L Madhavan 19986 Mechanical Eng Johor


2. Student Support Fund 2013


The student support fund award is a once-off financial assistance to eligible students; given in the form of subsistence of one semester tuition fees. Candidate is screened and ranked according to the approved guideline by Yayasan UTP Board of Trustees.


The recommended candidates are called for interview for final screening.


Yayasan UTP has disbursed a total amount of RM 626,372.50 to 111 students under this student support fund award in January, May and September semester of 2013.



Student Development Activities


1. Global Enrichment Project (GEP)

    GEP @ Japan (28th February until 09th March 2013)

UTP organised the GEP@Japan as part of its student exchange programme . A total of 24 participants from UTP were carefully selected to take part in this counter visit program whereby 10 students will be assigned to University of Tokyo while another 14 at Gunma University in Kiryu. Various cultural activities and educational programmes conducted at the host universities. Yayasan UTP justification in sponsoring the event is as follows:


  1. Global enrichment programme is a great platform for students in developing their soft skills and ultimately becoming well rounded students.
  2. Participating students able to learn Japan technological development, history and cultural for in-depth understanding and possible application in UTP.
  3. This event supports the University aspiration to achieve Research University (RU) status and QS ranking.

Yayasan UTP contributed financial support of RM 40,000 for organising this programme.


     GEP @ Australia (15th Sept until 22nd Sept 2013)

This is the first international event co-organized by Village 5 Students Representative (V5SR) in collaboration with Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) and Students Representative Council (SRC) of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS with the support of Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia (MOHE) from 15th September until 22nd September 2013 in University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University Australia involving 10 selected UTP students.


Yayasan UTP justification in sponsoring the event is as follows:

  1. This programme is a platform for enriching students' exposure and international experience in developing their soft skills and ultimately becoming well rounded students.
  2. Students has the opportunity to learn from Australian university's hostel management, history and cultural for in-depth understanding and possible application in UTP.
  3. The event would also enhance the image of UTP as well as the country by way of exchange of culture of 2 different countries.

This international programme received financial support of RM5,000 from MOHE and RM13,030 from Yayasan UTP.


2. Cheonan World Dance 2013 (1st  October – 6th October 2013)

For the third time the Malaysian team represented by Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Performing Arts Group (UPAG) participated in the 10th Cheonan World Dance Festival with the theme 'Let's Dance in Cheonan' at Cheonan Samgeori Park, Cheonan City, Korea held on 1st  October – 6th October 2013. This festival was organised by Cheonan-SI, Cheonan Foundation for Arts and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign & Trade of South Korea and FIDAF.  Nineteen members of UTP Performing Arts Group (dancers) and six members of UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana (musicians) represented Malaysia for this competition.


The main aim of this festival is to encourage and educate the international community to appreciate international folk dance cultures. This festival was participated by professional and national dance groups from 19 countries around the world.


The Malaysia team represented by UTP UPAG won all three categories in this dance competition. List of awards are as follows:


  1. Best Costume Award.
  2. Best International Street Parade Award.
  3. First Prize Award for Cheonan Folk Dance Competition International Category.


The experience and exposure gained from this event would certainly support UTP's vision and mission to produce multi-talented and competitive graduates. Yayasan UTP contributed RM20,000 for organizing this programme.



3. Norway Internship (Mr. Maheswaren Sugumaran)


Baker Hughes has offered exclusive opportunities to ten UTP students to participate in a five-day field visit to its facilities in Norway as a part of the seven-month internship programme at Baker Hughes (M) Sdn Bhd (BHM) 10th to 16th March 2014.


Mr. Mahes, a YUTP scholar currently pursuing the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Petroleum Engineering, has been selected amongst other shortlisted UTP students to participate in this exclusive student internship programme.


Beforehand, he had successfully undergone the interview and assessment conducted by BHM in October 2013.


Yayasan UTP had agreed to partially support the travelling cost amounting to RM6, 515 while BHM covered the rest of the logistic cost in Norway based on the following justifications:


  1. To enhance the capabilities of YUTP's scholar by giving world-class extensive trainings and technical experience.
  2. To provide opportunities for YUTP's scholar (from needy background) to be exposed to the international working environment and cultures.


To enhance the image of UTP as well as the country through globally recognized corporation's internship programmes.