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Counselling and Student Development​


Counselling and student development unit is a unit set up with the aim to prepare students for the possibility of dealing with psychological health issues and also provide training for such development programmes to develop our students. This unit was established in the very beginning, as early as the establishment of UTP and led by two Counselling Executives. They are very well-trained and have expertise in conducting counselling sessions as well as providing the necessary services and hopes to fulfill the aspirations of UTP to produce students who not only excel academically but in all aspects of life.

Now, this unit has 4 Counsellors and 1 Psychologist. They are professional and registered under the Malaysian Counsellor Board and Malaysian Psychologist Association. It is our priority to ensure that our Counsellors have license and Counselling Practice in order to provide quality services to all. Our unit play an important role in ensuring the positive development among students. Many leadership programmes, training and consultation were conducted to ensure that UTP students have the talent and potential towards excellence. Not only that, our Counsellors are also very proactive in conducting the Counselling sessions and doing a lot of assessments to those in need in order to achieve the objective to produce well-rounded students.

Moreover, this Unit is not only trying to focus on students who are found to have psychological problems, but the attitude of all of them. In order to serve a wide diversity of students, this unit not only focuses on problematic students but they even focus on those who want to be guided and acquire information covering various aspects of life. The basic principle of "you want to be helped, we will help" has paved the way and we welcome all students whenever they need help.

We hope that our students do not hesitate to get services that are provided by us. We expect the existence of this unit can provide useful benefits to students in achieving the excellence that they dream of.

Services provided:

  • We provide individual, group counselling and crisis intervention with variety areas of concern, including psychological, personal/social, academic and welfare issues.
  • We provide the platform for students to identify their personality and interest through our assessments such as personality inventory. Self directed search, vocational preference inventory and many more.
  • We promote a conducive environment to create a positive personal growth and academic achievement. 
  • We organise the development programmes and trainings to enhance the students soft skills.
  • We also initiate the way by categorising students in three categories which is Silver, Gold, and Platinum in order to design the appropriate programmes and trainings related to academic enhancement strategy.
  • We also offer to faculties, staffs, and students who are trying to help other people who are in need. Other than that, they also can refer the cases direct to the counsellors. 


Operations hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8.00am – 5.00pm
  • To schedule an appointment, please come to our office directly and fill up appointment form (Green Form)



  • Pocket D, Level 3, (Right Wings)
  • Village 3, Counselling Room


  • We respect students' privacy, so all communication within the Counselling room is confidential, with a few exceptions. These exceptions are:
    • When the information relates to clear and imminent danger to an individual,
    • When a state law requires the reporting of information (threats of violence, abuse or neglect), and
    • When information is requested by court order. Any disclosure in these situations will be made to an appropriate authority and will be limited to material directly pertinent to the issue involved.


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