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 Introduction to ITI

Institute of Transport Infrastructure (ITI) focuses on smart mobility as a niche area under the smart community MEGA THEME. The Institute looks at transport in the most general sense as the transport of human and commodities through roads, railways, airways and waterways in an urban / suburban / plantation setting to access services and facilities.
Smart mobility is the seamless integration of the 3 main elements (infrastructure, vehicles and operations) resulting in on-demand personal and materials mobility systems that increase productivity, safety and security while reducing congestions, pollutions and operating costs.


A global leader in transport infrastructure for smart mobility research.


  • To provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the advancement of transport infrastructure for smart mobility research.​
  • To produce technological products with the potential to impact the community through smart mobility solutions.
  • To nurture creativity and innovativeness among the various centres and groups by providing directions of research and supports in terms of operational and capital funding to increase the group-wide capability.

 Focus Areas




Tunneling & Trenchless Technology


EV/HEV/ Autonomous Vehicles

Thermal / Energy Management

Asset Management & Maintenance

Asset Performance
Risk Management
Maintenance Optimization


Control System

Renewable Fuel


Hydrogen / Biofuel Engine

Operations Research

Problem-Solving Techniques

Decision Analysis

Computational Modelling

Numerical Simulations

Fuel Cell

Powertrain & Vehicle Architecture

Operations Management

Designing Operations

Managing Operations

Smart Sensing

Field Instrumentation & Monitoring

Smart Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing & Joining Technology 


 Research Cluster

  ​ Focus Cluster Area

 Contact Us

Nadira Nordin
Senior Executive, Institute of Transport Infrastructure (ITI)


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 Future Direction


In ITI we have identified 3 megatrend and grand challenges to be achieved in long term goal. The megatrend is divided into 3 thrust which are transportation, manufacturing & infrastructure and community well-being.

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Manufacturing 28.1.JPG
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