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  • Institute of Contaminant Management (ICM) specialises in Research and Development (R&D) for monetising natural gas from contaminated gas fields with high CO2, H2S, mercury, heavy metals, etc for sustainable energy.
  • ICM R&D focus areas are on flow assurance and corrosion for transportation of contaminated natural gas through pipeline; pre-treatment and capture technologies of contaminants from natural gas; utilisation of the contaminant to value added product; and safe process operation without economy, socio and environmental impact.
  • ICM provides services and training to industries for operation excellence. ICM also collaborate with industries and other institutions worldwide on fundamental and applied research that produces many technology breakthroughs, patents, and publications.


To be a globally recognised industrial partner of choice for R&D in oil and gas contaminant management.


  • To provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge through research in contaminant management for oil and gas.
  • To build close partnership with industries through strategic alliance for providing innovations and solutions in contaminant management for oil.
  • To collaborate with relevant authorities and institution as a reference paint to disseminate knowledge and technology in contaminant.

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