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 ​In​stitute of Autonomous System​

Focus Areas

  1. Device, Material  & Infrastructure
  2. Communication, Instruments & Utilities
  3. IT Services

BInstitute of Autonomous ​SystemAP Dr Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam (Institute Director)
Centre/Group/ClusterHead of Centre/Group/Cluster
 1Offshore Engineering Centre (OEC)AP Dr Bashar S Mohamed
 2High Performance Cloud Computing Centre (HPC3)AP Dr Ahmad Kamil B Mahmood
 3Centre of Innovative Nanostructures & Nanodevices (COINN)Prof Dr Norani Muti Bt Mohamed
 4Software Quality & Quality Engineering (SQ2E)Dr  Shuib bin Basri
 5Positive ComputingDr Noreen Izza Bt Arshad
 6Centre for Smart Grid Energy Research (CSMER)AP Dr Nordin B Saad
 7Instrumentation, Systems and Advanced Control (ISaAC) Centre
AP Ir Dr Idris B Ismail
 8UnWireD SolutionsProf Dr Varun Jeoti
 9Mathematical and Statistical Science (MSS4i)Dr Lee Yen Cheong
 10Centre for Research in Data Science (CERDAS)AP Dr Jafreezal B Jaafar
 11Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE)AP Dr Marappagounder Ramasamy

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