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 Short Course by Ir Dr Raja Mazuir

​Two(2) short courses by Ir Dr Raja Mazuir were held on:

1) 8&9 Jan 2020@R&D, UTP. The course entitle "An Introduction to Advanced Propulsion System Technology".
2) 15&16 Jan 2020@CAPE UTP, KL. The course entitle "Energy Storage System for Automotive Application".

Mazuir Shah has accumulated more than 24 years of experience in automotive propulsion system and vehicle engineering within industry and academic research. Mazuir joined Coventry University in 2018 as a Principal Lecturer in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering. Mazuir is now an Associate Professor and responsible for teaching and research in the area of powertrain electrification.

Ir Dr Mazuir 1.JPG

Ir Dr Mazuir 2.JPG