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malaysian association-01.png
Industry Meets Academia Engagement
Employee Recognition Day
lecture series-01.png
Lecture Series in ITS Surabaya
short course on hyd-01.png
Short course on "Hydraulics for Civil Engineering"
with JPS Perak
attend international-01.png
Attending 10th International Conference
of Applied Energy (ICAE) 2018
Safe, Secure and Sustainable Perak Rivers-01.png
Safe, Secure and Sustainable Perak Rivers
networking japan-01.png
Networking in Japan
Utp news-01.png
University Technology Petronas
Featured in Cambridge News!
A Tribute to Mitsubishi Contribution and Professor Uemura
to UTP Research Eco System
SKIP THE STRAW in Campus ECO Project
Solar-Powered generator installed at village
Mangrove and Coastal MoU
Coffee Table Book Project
seminar advanced-01.png
Seminar Advances Multi- Scale Characterization and
Mechanistic Modeling of Asphaltic Materials
save earth-01.png
Saving Earth by Sharing Resources

14th Conference on-01.png

14th Conference on Biomass Science (CBS)

Invitation as Visiting Scholar and Identify-01.png
Visiting Professor for College of Cross Cultural and
Multi-Disciplinary Studies in Conjunction with JST Sakura
Science Program

malaysian association-01.png
Malaysian Association of Applied Linguistics
2nd EXCO Meeting
8th International Forum on-01.png
8th International Forum on Industrial Bioprocessing
1st International Conference on-01.png
3rd International Symposium on Green and Sustainable Technology
(ISGST 2019) in UTAR, Kampar, Perak
1st International Conference on-01.png
1st International Conference on the Theoretical
and Applied Linguistics
The 6th International-01.png
The 6th International Conference on Multifunctional,
Hybrid and Nanomaterials 2019 (HYMA 2019)
Frontiers in-01.png
Frontiers in Service 2019 - An International Conference
Visiting Professor for College of-01.png
Invitation as Visting Scholar and Identify Potential
Future Collaboration in Mahidol University
pangkor townhall-01.png
Pangkor Townhall 1.0