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 Institute Director's Foreword

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I am a strong believer in the notion that for technology to be successfully implemented, the stakeholders' interests should be engaged from the ideation stage. This will essentially lead to the establishment of Smart Communities. The Community involved from the beginning of technology and continue to give their input till it is commercialized. This way, both the technology and the end-user grow together.

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, we consume more resources than our parents or grandparents, and yet more productive in one lifetime as well in comparison. In our wake, we afflicted the environment immensely, resulting in issues such as climate change and depleting natural resources.

"For a sustainable future, what role can we play in enhancing our collective well-being?" This is a question I ask every member under the Institute of Self-Sustainable Building (ISB), supporting the theme Smart Communities. ISB focus on Green and Clean  Energy,  Materials,  Water and Waste,  and Social and Community Well-being. How can we be better by each passing day.

To discover technologies and innovations that address the sustainability issues, it is imperative to work closely with relevant stakeholders from the start and gain deep insights into their concerns and objectives. The stakeholders are the potential partners (industry and/or government) and end-users of the technology i.e. communities. Collaboration is one of the core values of ISB, echoing the African words of wisdom that I came across years ago: "To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together". ISB wants to go far, hence we go together through collaborations. We subscribe to the ideology of the Smart Community.

The challenge of research is to move technologies and innovations to be applicable to real problems. And we at ISB, are up to take on this challenge, by the horn.


Assoc Prof Dr Noor Amila Bt Wan Abdullah Zawawi
Institute Director