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  • ​Writing and Publishing in High Impact Journal: Tricks & Tips
  • ​Biomass to Fuels and Chemicals
  • ​Cultivation of Microalgae and larvae for biofuel production
  • ​Write & Publish your Research Paper in High Impact Journal
  • ​Biomass to Biofuel s and Biochemicals



 solar energy-01.png

  • ​Introduction of Matlab and Simulink for Engineering Application
  • How to Make Your Review Papers Publishable
  • ​Use of CFD Model to Evaluate Heat Exchanger Performance
  • ​Solar Energy Applications in the Industry


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  • ​​Pitching Skills: How to score a Deal in Presentations Among Technical Employees
  • ​Value Co-Creation
  • ​Understanding of Islamic Product for Microfinance
  • ​Energy Technology & Innovation
  • ​Developing Successful Business Ideas for Future Entrepreneurs
  • ​Analysis of Financial and Economic Activity of Enterprise & Economic Basis of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • ​Developing A Winning Business Plan
  • ​Energy Low Carbon and Sustainability
  • ​Finance For Non-finance: Practical Financial Tools For All Business Executives And Managers
  • ​Energy Value Chain
  • ​Let's Become An E-commerce Startup!
  • ​Low Carbon Economy and Sustainability
  • ​3 Day Mini MBA - Strategy, Marketing, and Financial Risk Management
  • Solar Energy Applications in the Industry
  • ​Technical Writing for Engineers
  • How to Make Your Review Papers Publishable
  • ​Circular Economy for Socioeconomic Impact: Stakeholder Management and Communications
  • Use of CFD Model to Evaluate Heat Exchanger Performance
  • Covariance Based Structural Equation
    Modelling Using Amos
  • ​​Economics and Management of Oil and Gas Industry
  • Introduction of Matlab and Simulink for Engineering Application​


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  • Hydrology 2
  • ​Introduction To Environmental Studies
  • ​Fundamentals of Highway Pavement Materials
  • ​How Tall Building Construction Play a Significant Role in Building Economies
  • ​Drug Delivery: Materials and Application
  • Advances in the Design and Materials Characterization for Asphalt Pavements​
  • ​Principles of Highway Pavement Materials
  • ​Hydraulics for Civil Engineers
  • ​Pavement Materials: Principles and Fundamentals
  • ​Offshore Decommissioning of Facilities: A Global and Engineering Perspective
  • ​Basic Wastewater Parameters: Analysis and Interpretation for Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • ​Fire and Explosion Safety and Protection For Oil & Gas Industries
  • ​Technology Review for Wastewater Treatment: Adsorption, Photocatalysis and Membrane
  • ​​HSE Awareness through Interactive Theatre
  • ​Hydrology and Hydrogeology
  • ​Aerobic and Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment


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