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‚ÄčInstitute Director Foreword

1.jpgThe consumption growth of petroleum products signifies the importance of global source of energy. Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR) is looking forward to fostering a plan for the sustainable development of the oil and gas sector. Our goal is to promote a leading step towards the advancement of research and development in Upstream activities.

The IHR main research focus is on Enhanced Oil Recovery, Seismic Imaging, Basin Studies, Wells Research, Unconventional Hydrocarbon, Carbonates Research, and also Electromagnetic and Boltzmann Technology which are represented by different Research Centers. The aim is to strengthen the research environment with qualified and competent researchers in solving industrial challenges with broad commercialization impact.

I believe that every additional drop of oil produced matter to meet energy requirements. We impart a detailed understanding of geosciences, hydrocarbon exploration and implement beyond conventional-innovative research techniques to researchers with the help of industry to efficiently and exquisitely extract these natural resources. IHR is equipped with up-to date research facilities to take up technology-intensive research projects and work closely with collaborative institutions and industries.

I encourage IHR members to execute critical research-oriented projects with optimum deliverables. I believe that the interaction of IHR members with professionals from Universities and also Oil and Gas Industry are imperative towards gaining factual results and explicating critical challenges.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syahrir Ridha,

Director, Institute of Hydrocarbon Recovery (IHR)