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Well Research Group (WRG)

  • To be a center of excellence that consists of experts in drilling, completion, production, and geomechanic to conduct research and development.
  • To provide excellent research, short courses and consultancy services to the oil and gas society and industries
  • To enrich personnel and collaborative work group capacity and capability.
  • To develop a centralized and synergized facilities and equipment capability.
  • The Wells Research Group (WRG) is comprised of diverse, dedicated and competent team members. Each member bring they expansive knowledge on variety of subject matters to the team to ensure exceptional services.
Focus Area
  • Drilling fluid and cementing technology
  • Geomechanics& hydraulic fracturing
  • Hole cleaning and hydraulics
  • Drill bit cutter design optimization
  • Flow assurance & production optimization
  • Sand control management
WRG Head and Member's Detail
WRG Area of Expertise.png