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Centre of Seismic Imaging (CSI)

Vision and Mission
  • CSI is internationally recognized by the internationally community as the research centre of choice. Most of the respected member of societies consist of seg, eage, aapg, spe and others. In spite of that, CSI is a centre of innovative research in seismic imaging and develop competent researchers for future knowledge and technology. Besides that, CSI provide our partners with state of the art technology guidelines and solution. Satisfy the shareholder?s needs and country?s aspiration to be a progressive nation will alwaysbecome the priority to CSI.

  • The Centre for Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon Prediction entails both industrial relevance as well as knowledge creation and innovative research. It provides the link between skills and competencies and product application as practiced by the Oil and Gas Industry.

  • Centre for subsurface seismic imaging and hydrocarbon prediction (CSI) is the one of the leading research centre in seismic acquisition, imaging, interpretation and hydrocarbon prediction in the world. Since the establishment in 2011, CSI has established strong collaboration and partnership withmajor oil and industry players.

Focus Area
  • Seismic Imaging
  • Signal Processing
  • HC Prediction
  • Geopressure Prediction
  • Reservoir Modelling, Delineation and Monitoring

CSI Head and Member's Detail
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