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MSc in Asset Management and Maintenance




The construction and installation of new assets, especially during the economic boom in the last three decades, to support the country economy, have been robust. Management and maintenance of these deteriorating assets are vital to ensure long lasting service lives of the assets.

At Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, the MSc in Asset Management and Maintenance program addresses concerns of aging assets and maintenance culture amongst plant personnel. The target group that needs to be equipped with new knowledge and competencies in Asset Management and Maintenance are engineers and managers from petrochemical plants, refineries, offshore platforms/pipelines, power sectors, public and private infrastructures and manufacturing organizations. The program aims to produce leaders who are able to manage and maintain assets in the most economical, professional, creative, and reliable ways with the state-of-the-art technology, locally and globally.



The program consists of taught courses and one industrial based project. The course is structured into 11 one-week modules during which intensive learning support is provided either at the University or at the students' work locations.

Four (4) core modules - 12 credit hours

Four (4) Technical Electives modules - 12 credit hours

Two (2) Elective Management Modules - 4 credit hours

Research Methodology - 2 credit hours

Industrial Based Project - 12 credit hours

TOTAL: 42 credit hours



The students shall complete the program in minimum 3 semesters (12 months) and maximum 6 semesters (24 months) by completing the 42 credit hours.




  • Principles of Appraisal, Repair and Maintenance

  • Plant Asset Maintenance Management

  • Reliability Assessment of Structures

  • Asset Life Study


  • Failure Analysis and Risk-based Inspection

  • Corrosion Engineering

  • Reliability Assessment of Pipelines

  • Deepwater Maintenance

  • Advanced Repair Materials

  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Management Electives

  • Engineering Economy

  • Operation Management

  • Strategic Management


Research Methodology

This module introduces the basic concepts and methods of the scientific research which are needed throughout the study particularly during Industrial based project.

Industrial Based Project

This module aims to develop and apply problem solving abilities for industrial-type problems that require knowledge from several of the taught modules.



Graduates with an MSc in Asset Management and Maintenance degree will enhance their employment and industrial career prospects in the management and maintenance of assets with the incorporation of the mechanical and civil engineering aspects.



Programme Manager

Dr Hilmi Hussin