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Form Types of Form                
Graduate Assistantship (GA) Form
  1. Graduate assistantship scheme monthly claim form – Category A
  2. Graduate Assistantship scheme claim form – Category C
  3. Application for Graduate Assistantship scheme (new application and extension after RPD)
  4. Graduate Assistantship (GA) – application for extension
  5. Appeal for reinstatement of GA Category "A" Centre for Graduate Studies
General Form
  1. Application for Paper Presentation
  2. Paper Evaluation Sheet
  3. Authorship Certification Form
  4. Graduate Student Annual Leave Application Form
  5. Travel Notification Form
  6. Application for Deferment
  7. Application Form to Change Programme
  8. Application Form to Change Programme Mode
  9. Students' Requisition Form
  10. Request of Visa Renewal Related Letters
  11. Student's Claim Form for Travelling and Others
  12. Postgraduate Clearance Form
  13. Computer Loan / Agreement Form
  14. New Refund Form
  15. Late Course Registration Application (Postgraduate)
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Form
  1. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Requisition Form
  2. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Extension Form
  3. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Appeal for Reinstatement Form
  4. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Scheme Monthly Claim Form
  5. GRA Attendance Sheet Record
Research Proposal Defense (RPD) Form
  1. Submission for Research Proposal Defense
  2. Research Proposal Defense (Evaluation Form)
Research Completion Seminar (RCS) Form
  1. Submission for Research Completion Seminar (RCS)
  2. Research Completion Seminar Evaluation Report
Semester Assessment Form
  1. Submission of Research Progress Report
  2. Submission for Symposium
  3. Preliminary Candidature
  4. Advance Candidature
  5. Symposium Presentation Evaluation Form
  6. Semester Assessment Exemption Form
Supervisor Form
  1. Application for Appointment of Supervisor/Co-Supervisor/Field Supervisor
  2. Application for Change of Supervisor/Co Supervisor
Upgrading Level Form
  1. Application to Upgrade from Master to PhD
  2. Assessment for Upgrading Level of Study from Master to PhD
  1. Notice of Thesis Submission for PhD Candidate
  2. Notice of Thesis Submission for MSc Candidate
  3. Nomination of Examiners Form
  4. Soft Bound Thesis Submission
  5. Thesis Evaluation Report
  6. Correction of Thesis
  7. Hardbound Thesis Submission
  8. Confirmation Correction of Thesis