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​Academic Operation


About Us​


Academic Operation department provides support and manages the academic operation and activities. This includes formulating strategies and monitor the progress of implemented initiatives in relation to academic programme performance, continuous revision, improvement and updating of all academic policies, guidelines, regulations, procedures and standards pertaining to academic curriculum and quality assurance, consistent with the University’s Vision and Mission. Academic Operation is also responsible in managing the teaching and learning facilities, as well as monitoring the quality of teaching and learning facilities for smooth academic delivery and ensuring conducive learning environment for all students.


In ensuring the high quality of academic programme in UTP, Academic Operation also manages the engagement with external stakeholders through Industry Advisory Panel meeting, and the International External Examiner meeting.


The Industry Advisory Panel provides valuable input in ensuring the academic programme offered in UTP remains relevant to the industrial practices. The panel consists of senior industry practitioners with vast experience and expertise in their related field.


The feedback from International External Examiners are important in ensuring the quality of the academic programme in UTP is at par with international standards. The panel consists of renown professors in their related field, and their input are important to realise UTP’s vision of being a reputed leader in engineering and technology.


The Adjunct Lecture programme is part of the multi-mode teaching and learning process aimed at enriching students’ learning experience. Through the Adjunct Lecture programme, students are exposed to the current industrial practices related to the courses they currently undertake in UTP. The speakers for the Adjunct Lecture are from industry practitioner with minimum bachelor degree in related field and 10 years’ experience in industry. Through this approach, students can relate the application of the knowledge they have learnt in class in industry.