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Item​​Fees (RM)


(for new students only)

Total tuition fee (less tuition fee RM2,000.00, partially paid during registration; including estimated hostel fee for the whole duration of study)77,000.00 for Engineering programmes79,000.00 for Petroleum Geoscience68,000.00 for Technology programmes69,000.00 for Applied Sciences programmes


  1. An additional of RM50.00 subscription fee {to the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Membership} is compulsory for all Engineering students.
  2. Medical check-up for all new students (to be conducted in UTP campus) chargeable separately at approximately RM250.00.
  3. Students are advised to settle all payments one (1) month prior to the start date of final examination for each semester.
  4. The Management of UTP reserves the right to revise fees as and when required without prior notice

​Withdrawal from UTP

Students who intend to withdraw from UTP are required to complete the Clearance form (UTP-REG/ADM-008-15) that can be obtained from Admission & Registration Unit (REU), Registry Office


A.  Withdrawal before registration date
  • 2% of Average Fees (Tuition Fee + Annual Fee)
B.  Withdrawal after registration session
  • Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) package
  • 2% of Average Fees (Tuition Fee + Annual Fee)
C.   Withdrawal during Course Registration period (2 weeks after academic semester begin)
  • Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) package
  • 16% of Average Fees (Tuition Fee + Annual Fee)
  • "Pro-Rate" charge of Accommodation Fee
D.  Withdrawal during after academic semester begin
  • Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) package
  • 100% of Average Fees (Tuition Fee + Annual Fee)
  • Full charge of accommodation fee


Notes :

  1. All fees are correct at time of publish for the current intake year.
  2. The Management of UTP reserves the right to revise fees as and when required without prior notice.