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As important and necessary as book-knowledge is in the education and training of the future generation, nothing compares to actual work experience. For it is only when knowledge is applied that it becomes tangible, real and truly understood in all its usefulness and practicality.


It is in this spirit that University Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) undergraduates have to undergo a compulsory internship programme within the course of their degree studies.


With foresight and knowing the kind of graduates we wanted to produce, this internship programme was implemented right from day one. Ours is a unique seven-month long industrial training programme which we feel is just the right amount of time to immerse the undergraduate in the completion of real-world tasks and projects in the working environment pre-graduation. Too short a programme would just be glossing the surface while a longer stint would be too drawn out.


Through the years, we have partnered with numerous local and international companies who have gladly joined us in this internship undertaking. They include world renowned companies such as PETRONAS, Shell, Exxon Mobil Schlumberger, Halliburton, Technip, BASF, GE Oil & Gas, Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, and  Hitachi Ltd.


The SIIP are divided into two courses consists of Student Industrial Training (SIT) 14 weeks and Student Industrial Project (SIP) 14 weeks prior to their completion of studies at UTP. It is anticipated that the experience gained from this programme will complement and enhance their knowledge and understanding learned at the university. SIIP is coordinated by the Centre for Student Internship, Mobility and Adjunct Lectureship (CSIMAL) who is responsible in ensuring the success of UTP internship programme.


Interns available are from the following Bachelor Degree Programmes :


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Geosciences

Science and Information Technology

Business Information Systems

Information & Communication Technology

Applied Physics

Applied Chemistry