Expertise Profile

PositionSenior Lecturer
NameDr. Saravanan A/L Karuppanan
DepartmentMechanical Engineering
QualificationsDPhil in Engineering, University of Oxford
Masters of Science in Engineering, University of Sheffield
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
SpecializationSolid mechanics - stress analysis; finite element analysis; contact mechanics
Research1. Development of An Automated Optical Strain Measurement Method 2. Frictional contact analysis of helical gears
Consultancy1. Failure Analysis Of PMO PL24 Corroded Pipeline (completed)


No.Title of Publication
1Karuppanan, S. and Hills, D. A. (2007), Stress intensity factor for a crack within a strip under arbitrary loading, Journal of Strain Analysis, 42, 39-45.
2Karuppanan, S., Dini, D. and Hills, D. A. (2007), Fretting fatigue test analysis of contacts, Fatigue Fract. Engng. Mater. Struct., 30(6), 499509.
3 Karuppanan, S. and Hills, D. A. (2008), An edge dislocation in a semi-infinite elastic wedge, Journal of Strain Analysis, 43, 307314.
4 Karuppanan, S., Churchman, C.M., Hills, D. A. and Giner, E. (2008), Sliding frictional contact between a square block and an elastically similar half-plane, European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 27, 443459.
5Karuppanan, S. and Hills, D. A. (2008), Frictional complete contacts between elastically similar bodies subject to normal and shear load, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 45, 46624675.
6Philipps, A.G., Karuppanan, S., Churchman, C.M. and Hills, D.A. (2008), Crack tip stress intensity factors for a crack emanating from a sharp notch, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 75, 51345139.
7Philipps, A.G., Karuppanan, S., Banerjee, N. and Hills, D.A. (2009), Crack tip stress intensity factors for a crack emanating from a semi-infinite notch with application to the avoidance of fatigue in complete contacts, Proceedings of the Institution of M
8Karuppanan, S. and Hills, D. A. (2008), Sliding of general frictional complete contacts, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 50, 14041410.
9Khoo Sze Wei and Saravanan Karuppanan (2011), Stress Intensity Factor for cracks emanating from a shaft, Journal of Applied Sciences, 11, 18391844.
10Chanyalew T. Belachew, Mokhtar C. Ismail and S. Karuppanan (2011), Burst Strength Analysis of Corroded Pipelines by Finite Element Method, Journal of Applied Sciences, 11, 18451850.